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Written by Nim Nadarajah
on February 08, 2019

Ask any CIO at any of the world’s top enterprises and they will tell you that security is front of mind. Sure, you can argue that it’s always been this way- keeping proprietary or personal data secure has always been critical to business growth. 

But the fact is that a lot has changed in the last several years; increasingly skilled hacking operations, heightened global privacy regulations, and even the rise of Bring-Your-Own-Device policies have created a brand new security landscape. Thus, the way that organizations approach security and protect themselves has had to change.

1. SaaS and Security
While SaaS presents enticing solutions to many of the organizational challenges companies are facing today, the fact remains that many companies are hesitant to embrace them. Why? 73%1 of enterprises have indicated that security is the number one concern holding them back from SaaS adoption. SaaS solutions have developed a reputation as risky. But is that the truth? To find out, let’s take a look at how Microsoft 365 has evolved to meet the needs of today’s security challenges.

Picture your Microsoft 365 environment like a sprawling mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Not only is it sleek and functional, but the entire property has been built from the ground up to prioritize security. If we follow this metaphor, we can see how Microsoft is revolutionizing security management through three main facets:

2. Threat Detection
- Monitor for potential breaches
- Analyze risk
- Utilize threat intelligence

Threat detection is the first security pillar in your Microsoft mansion. In your security infrastructure, this functionality acts as the motion sensors in your alarm system, constantly keeping watch of any unusual activity- even when you’re away from home. By setting up anomaly detection policies, the system continuously scans user activity and evaluates risk based on your custom algorithm. The system baselines user activity, leveraging the behavioural analytics of all your team members. Lastly, Microsoft draws on its immense knowledge of threat intelligence, informed by trillions of signals from billions of sources across the globe.

3. Enhanced Control
- Customizable and user-friendly
- Heightened visibility
- Suspend users for questionable behaviour
- Mitigate risk

Picture enhanced control as the patrol guard at your Microsoft mansion. Microsoft 365 enables you to set up activity policies that track specific activities of interest and create an alert. These may include multiple failed login attempts, or logging in from a new IP address. Once detected, enhanced security sends out the patrol guard to begin an investigation. The suspicious user can be suspended directly from the alert, very much like your patrol guard being able to immediately apprehend an intruder on the mansion grounds. 

4. Discovery and Insights
- Keep an eye on usage
- Remain productive
- Available without additional install

The Discovery and Insights facet of Microsoft 365 oversees the efficiency and effectiveness of your security program, like the head office of your mansion’s elite task force. At what rate has the system been adopted? Are there any shadow IT challenges in which users are engaging with unapproved programs? For instance, is one team still insisting on using DropBox, and therefore creating not only an inefficiency, but an additional security concern? Microsoft 365 collects all this data without having to conduct an additional download.

CrucialLogics: Your Microsoft 365 Security Experts
As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our team at CrucialLogics has completed successful migrations of over one million objects. We’ve seen time and time again how the Microsoft programs we work with are able to deliver superior security management, tailored to meet even the most stringent privacy needs. Best of all, we’re adept at creating custom IT strategies that perfectly align with business needs, delivering tangible, lasting results to the company’s bottom line.

To learn more about how CrucialLogics can transform your company’s security strategy, reach out to our team today.

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