Infographic: 5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud 

72% of Organizations Have at Least One App in the Cloud1

Top 5 reasons why your company should be moving to the cloud

Download our infographic to learn about the benefits of making the switch. Learn about the security advantages and migration techniques of cloud based tools.We will show you why migrating to the cloud can enhance your company’s performance.


5 reasons why you should make the move to the cloud:

  1. Cloud-based apps are here to stay - $500 billon will be there by 20202
  1. Cloud security comes standard - 56% of firms store sensitive data there3
  1. You can migrate at your own pace - There are many cloud storage options
  1. You don’t necessarily need new tools - Often you can use software you already use
  1. The benefits are measurable - Cloud adopters see a 52% increase in availability4

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Download our infographic to learn why you should be moving to the cloud: