You sure your O365 security’s airtight?

Data breaches are in the news more than ever before. Malicious actors are always looking for new ways to break into unsecured systems, and they don’t stop at major multinational corporations: all companies are at risk. 

Reach out to our Office 365 Assurance experts for peace of mind that your Microsoft Cloud Technology is meeting key industry controls.

Bring your Office 365 data security up to industry best practices — reach out to our cloud service experts for a security and assurance review.

Office 365 Security Review

Protect Your Business Data from All Online Threats

Exploited vulnerabilities can be expensive, both financially and in lost customer trust.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, CrucialLogics’ Office 365 Security Review is designed to protect companies’ Office 365 environments from attacks from all angles.

  • Data Breaches
  • Inadequate Identity and Access Management Process
  • Insecure Interfaces & APIs
  • Gaps in Due Diligence
  • Malicious Insiders
O365 Security Review
cloud services office 365 security

Security Design Assessment

We’ll review your existing security architecture and design as it relates to Office 365 and Azure, identifying opportunities for improvements. Did the design make it to the implementation? Are there gaps? Unauthorized design findings? We’ll flag any deficiencies and report on what to improve.

Configuration Assessment

We’ll review Office 365 and Azure configurations related to security, identifying improvement opportunities. We’ll validate the deployment against the design and architecture documents based on the desired configuration approach for the deployed components, and map it against best practices.

Cloud Controls Baseline Assurance

CrucialLogics will provide assurance that your Microsoft Cloud Technology processes live up to the standard benchmarking against key industry controls such as NIST CSF, NIST800.53, and ISO27001. We administer stakeholder interviews and assess the responses to questions to map to the controls and standards needed.

Pentest and Vulnerability Testing

We’re experts in looking for known and unknown exposures and vulnerabilities in your systems and can assess the possibility of potential exploitation. We’ll test these exploits and demonstrate the impact of vulnerabilities to the business before a real threat has the chance to break in.

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