Business & IT Alignment Assessment

Change the conversation from “IT needs” to “the business needs”

Our low risk, high impact assessment is designed to get the feedback your IT department needs from other business units to operate most effectively within the company.

Get the feedback your IT department needs

Business Needs IT Assessment

Stakeholder management is the most important thing an IT LEADER does.

Unfortunately, it's also every IT Leader's biggest challenge. That’s because it’s done with opinions rather than facts, and although collecting insight and feedback is the most effective way to understand where IT should be moving and how it should be supporting business, it often doesn’t end up happening in an actionable way.

How do you get access to valuable business insights to align IT and business?

The CrucialLogics Advisory Technology Assessment for IT Leaders provides valuable insights and metrics that help direct IT in your company to align with business, maximize value of your investment and enable modern features to improve your digital quotient.      

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This is a low risk, high impact assessment designed to get the feedback your IT department needs from other business units to operate most effectively within the company. 

  • Understand what other leaders need from IT
  • Pinpoint IT deficiencies to better prioritize work
  • Identify low-hanging fruit to produce immediate boosts while working on longer term solutions
  • Deliver what the company needs, positioning IT as a strategic partner  


When is the time right? 

  • Before entering budget discussions
  • Before entering strategic planning discussions
  • Before and/or after a merger or acquisition
  • Before undertaking major business flow changes
  • Before undertaking major IT changes
  • Before embarking on your digital transformation journey
  • When the IT Leader is new to their role


cloud services program management

You let us know who the key stakeholders are, and we get the assessment to them. 

We’ll then compile their feedback on the core IT services, produce report cards, and walk you through what it all means. It’s the ultimate leaderboard helping you align your efforts with the value your business wants IT to create.

Quantify IT’s successes with benchmarked performance against industry peers and previous-year metrics, and understand how IT capacity constraints adversely affect the business. You’ll know exactly where you need to focus your efforts to establish the IT department as a strategic partner. 

When nobody knows exactly why someone’s dissatisfied with IT, IT can’t work on the right solutions and improve satisfaction; it's a vicious cycle, ultimately costing the IT Leader their reputation. Resources aren’t deployed effectively, and time and money are wasted. This lack of information means IT fails to meet business needs.


The first step to taking control and using IT to drive business results is formalizing business unit leader feedback.

Get deep insight into which core services they’re satisfied with, which they aren’t, and why. With that, prove how a lack of IT resources negatively impacts the business to drive the support you need to excel. Once you know where IT is lacking, you can make a better case to get the resources you need, and you’re better able to allocate them effectively. The result? You maximize the business value you create and as a result boost business satisfaction.


To find out more about how this assessment could boost your IT department, contact us today before our limited offer ends.