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Written by Nim Nadarajah
on September 19, 2018

CrucialLogics is proud to announce our new partnership with WE Charity. For every contract, we’ll donate 2% — and give the client the option to match the donation.

Why would we do this? We’re serious about making a difference in the world with our Consulting with a ConscienceTM approach. For our clients, we deliver honest, vital advice and service. For everything else, we trust WE to do excellent charity work.

`The partner you choose, does make a difference. - CrucialLogics Inc.

What do we like about WE? WE runs domestic programs like WE Schools and international programs like WE Villages to empower sustainable change globally.

Through five pillars, the WE Villages program works to eliminate poverty and create a world where all children have access to education and don’t have to work just to ensure their families’ survival. 

These pillars are Education, Water, Health, Food, and Opportunity.

Then the ME to WE social enterprise creates socially conscious products and experiences that people can do good through with every day choices. Whether it’s a product, a volunteer trip, or a partnership.

You’re doing more than just business with CrucialLogics. You’re helping us secure a better world with a seasoned partner that’s been working on these things for decades. They don’t do handouts or come up with one-off solutions. They work holistically to enable communities to empower themselves and thrive.

Support Meaningful Change with CrucialResponsibility

We take our responsibility to live up to our ideal of Consulting with a Conscience seriously. We’ve partnered with and donate 2 per cent of every contract to WE charity — and when you’re on that contract too, you can choose to match. That’s CrucialResponsibility.

It’s an effortless way to support an excellent charity as we do business. WE runs domestic and international programs that touch on everything from school, sustainability, and helping people create socially conscious products. They’re an awesome group of people doing fantastic work. That’s why we’re supporting them from our very first year in business.

The partner you choose, does make a difference. - CrucialLogics Inc.


Find out more about the amazing work WE Charity does at their website 

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