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Written by Omar Rbati
on August 27, 2018

Microsoft’s posted a great blog on artificial intelligence. If you’re having trouble understanding what it actually means and what’s currently possible, it’s a good place to start.

Run a financial services operation? Compliance is always an issue. Assessing and managing compliance risk, protecting data, and streamlining services is top of mind.

Microsoft’s Security Bulletin for August 2018 covers two denial of service vulnerabilities that IT leaders may want to be aware of.

If you need to deal with reporting and auditing of Office 365, you may want to check out the breakdown in this blog. It covers a variety of Microsoft technologies.

Managing roles and controlling user assignments just got easier in Azure AD. You can get a peak in preview, and get a complete list and description of built-in directory roles — among other features.

Configuration Manager got a new update. It brings additional co-management workloads along with simplified cloud services. Plus, there’s a new feature: CMPivot, explained via infographic here.

Remember, if you ever need any help with the cloud, we’ve got a full suite of options. We’ve also got an eBook full of useful advice for anyone hoping to leverage cloud power at low cost.

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