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Written by Omar Rbati
on July 27, 2018

Microsoft announced several new features for Azure IoT Central. With IoT Central, you’ve got SaaS for Internet of Things and can connect, monitor, and manage IoT assets. Now, you can define states and measure them, monitor devices, and work with geographic data through Azure Maps — among much more. 

Office 365 commercial users should note that Exchange Mailbox auditing will be enabled by default, improving security by ensuring that you’ve got the data to help with security incident investigations. This is based on customer feedback, and Microsoft’s provided the whys, whens, and what-to-dos here.

A public preview of Azure Virtual WAN and Azure Firewall is coming. It will demonstrate virtual WAN creation and virtual hub deployment, connectivity automation, automated VNet configuration, and troubleshooting and monitoring.

July Office 365 for Android updates are worth checking out. You can now edit slides in PowerPoint in landscape mode. Did you also know it ships in 68 languages?

We'd also like to share a valuable reference from Microsoft: the Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture. This is a great way to visualize how a huge amount of Microsoft's cybersecurity measures come together and interlock. It's well worth the time to get familiar with.

That’s all for this week. Remember, if you need some help with your Microsoft deployment, we’re a Microsoft Silver Partner able to assist with everything from security configurations to seamless M&As. We just released a new eBook on how businesses can meet the modern security challenge. Why not give it a look?

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