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Written by Amol Joshi
on October 03, 2019

Do you know how valuable your data is? Not just valuable to you, but valuable to those who seek to profit from your data- whether through criminal activity like fraud, or more mundane operations like targeted marketing. The fact is that if your data is not secure, there are individuals and organizations who will seek to gather it, and likely succeed.

If your organization is concerned about the safety of your cloud data, download our FREE infographic to learn 8 big ways to easily and quickly improve your cloud data security.

1) Set Your Advertising ID Preferences
When your advertising ID is enabled, app developers and advertisers can access it in order to provide more relevant advertising.

2) Organize Your Windows Defender SmartScreen
Windows Defender Smartscreen can warn you of potential threats, and protect you from unsafe web content or malicious software.

3) Regulate Website Access to Your Language List
With Windows 10, you can choose whether to share your language preferences with the websites you visit.

4) Control App Launch Tracking
Did you know that you can control your Start Screen according to the apps you use most? Adjust your settings to increase search results and quick start options.

5) Manage Suggested Content
Microsoft provides you with the option to receive suggestions for content that may be helpful according to your needs.

6) Define Privacy Settings for Individual Apps
You can manually adjust the privacy settings for each and every app you choose, allowing you to customize their capabilities and access.

7) Control Cortana Permission Settings
Cortana is a cloud-based digital assistant that works across your devices and Microsoft applications. You can manage what you permit Cortana to do in your privacy settings.

8) Optimize Diagnostics and Feedback Settings
Microsoft uses diagnostics and feedback information to keep your system secure and up-to-date. You can choose which options to opt into within your privacy settings.

To learn more about exactly how to perform each of these 8 tasks, download the FREE infographic.


Start Securing Your Data Today
CrucialLogics has worked with hundreds of clients across multiple industries to implement security capabilities that protect their Office 365 environments. Our protection plan focuses on the first 30 days, 90 days, and beyond. We’re available to address any concerns as they arise during implementation, and then to support our clients to ensure security is maintained over the long term.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, w
e’ve helped countless CIOs and Senior IT professionals to meet their goals with end-to-end solutions- transitioning to the cloud and evolving IT infrastructure safely and securely.

To learn more about how we can help,
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