Webinar:  Cloudy with a Chance of Data Leakage

Join Amol Joshi, Desirae Huot and Richard Rogerson as they share their expertise on preventing data leakage from your data repository.  They'll discuss:


  • Sensitive information
  • How to classify information
  • How hackers try to get your information
  • Tips to implement data loss prevention (DLP) to prevent data leakage.

The Cybersecurity Experts:

Amol Joshi, Partner, Enterprise Solutions, CrucialLogics

Desirae Huot, Principal Consultant, Enterprise Solutions, CrucialLogics

Richard Rogerson, Managing Partner, Packetlabs


Watch the recording!

Cloudy with a Change of Data Leakage 600x600-NODATE
Watch our Webinar:  Data Leakage