Webinar:  Hack Me If You Can

 Our security experts are back!

Join Amol Joshi, Chris Diachok, Richard Rogerson and Ian Lin as they build off the expertise shared in previous webinars to share the latest information about how to prevent a cybersecurity attack. Topics they’ll cover:


  1. A checklist of quick fixes you can implement yourself
  2. Six important remediations to prevent a cybersecurity attack
  3. .Microsoft Defender ATP for Endpoints
  4. Pentest-as-a-Service and maintaining continuous compliance

The Cybersecurity Experts:

Amol Joshi, Partner, Enterprise Solutions, CrucialLogics

Chris Diachok, Principal Consultant, Enterprise Solutions

Richard Rogerson, Managing Partner, Packetlabs

Ian Lin, Tech Lead, Packetlabs


Watch the recording!

Hack-me-if-you-can-image of a hacker in a hoodie getting chased by a business man
Watch our Webinar:  Hack Me If You Can