Webinar:  Mobile Wars

Join Amol Joshi, Claudio Damaso and Richard Rogerson as they share their expertise on mobile security.  Learn the 7 most common issues, how to avoid them, and how to remediate them if you have an issue. The 7 issues are:


  1. Data leakage
  2. Unsecured WiFi
  3. Network spoofing
  4. Phishing
  5. Spyware
  6. Broken cryptography
  7. Improper session handling

The Cybersecurity Experts:

Amol Joshi, Partner, Enterprise Solutions, CrucialLogics

Claudio Damaso, Associate Partner, Cloud & Security Solutions, CrucialLogics

Richard Rogerson, Managing Partner, Packetlabs


Watch the recording!

Men fighting iwth light sabres
Watch our Webinar:  Mobile Wars