The Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN)

The Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN) is a non-profit network that seeks to improve the health and lives of people living with and at risk of HIV. The organization works with partners to influence decision makers at all levels- personal, organizational, clinical, and political. OHTN had been working with on-premises servers, which were presenting challenges with costing, resources, and uptime. The team was seeking a lower cost of ownership, and decreased burden on internal staff to update the server. Given the risks associated with a cloud migration, OHTN sought to find a vendor that could mitigate business interruptions as they transitioned their technology into the modern cloud era.


Face-to-face interactions lead to customized strategy

Unlike other vendors, CrucialLogics insisted on meeting with the OHTN team in person for the initial meeting. From this first interaction, CrucialLogics had already begun to formulate an understanding of OHTN’s unique needs, and also the potential challenges in migrating them over to the cloud.

Given that OHTN was nearing the end of their fiscal year, the project had a strict timeline with a deadline that needed to be met. CrucialLogics established clear, transparent deliverables and a timetable for each to ensure that the project was completed on time. They shared their methodical, structured approach to these milestones with the OHTN team so that everyone was on the same page prior to beginning work.


A challenging configuration is resolved and a new platform is launched

Once deep inside the configuration, it became apparent that OHTN’s exchange platform environment was not at the posture it should have been. Though this necessitated some extra attention to resolve, CrucialLogics still met their milestones on time. Throughout the process, OHTN was able to communicate freely with the CrucialLogics team and receive a prompt response to whatever concerns they had.

A seamless migration was successfully completed, including approximately 55 mailboxes (roughly 150GB of mail data) from the on-premises exchange 2016 infrastructure to Office 365. Cloud security controls were established on Azure to ensure the safety of the network’s sensitive data. Since the migration, OHTN has enjoyed the ease of use, cost savings, and operational efficiency of their modern Microsoft cloud platform.

“CrucialLogics is very dependable, very transparent. They have the expertise on-hand. Budget-wise they’re very competitive, and I can guarantee that they will meet the project deadlines.”

–Ken Cheung Manager, IT and Data OHTN