CxO Advisory Helps Future-Proof Expanding Healthcare Company

A Canadian-focused company with a global reach, Miravo Healthcare has a diversified portfolio of commercial products that target several therapeutic areas, including pain, allergy, and dermatology. 



Five years ago, Miravo Healthcare was acquiring another company and needed help migrating their SharePoint data. Miravo’s IT department was also undergoing a restructuring that left their Senior IT Director, Sandee Dela Cruz, running the department single-handedly. When Sandee engaged CrucialLogics for the SharePoint migration he also found that they provided expert advice beyond scope of work, as part of their CxO Advisory based on Consulting with a Conscience. 


That initial data migration engagement sparked a lasting professional relationship. Sandee notes, “I’ll never forget how effective that partnership was in helping me not only understand the implications of the current SharePoint project but also for future-proofing some of the configuration settings that we had within Office 365 and Azure.” CrucialLogics provided expertise above and beyond their current assignment, to ensure Miravo was following Office 365 and Azure configuration best practices to scale securely and optimally into the future.  



As the Miravo IT team grew, Sandee continued to engage on a monthly basis with Nim Nadarajah, CrucialLogics Partner and leader of their CxO Advisory. These meetings helped Sandee view his company’s IT challenges from both a technology and business perspective and stay on top of “those cutting-edge solutions that would not normally be apparent unless you have an expert partner like CrucialLogics.” 


One such solution is auto-deploy, one-touch or zero-touch deployment of devices, which ship directly from manufacturer to end user preconfigured and requiring minimal IT involvement. Miravo has a large upcoming device order, and they have been exploring with CrucialLogics how to configure their infrastructure to set up auto-deploy and thus save considerably on shipping costs and IT hours.  


Miravo is also consulting with CrucialLogics on the use of Microsoft Power Apps, low code/no code development, where coding expertise is not required for complex automations. They engaged CrucialLogics, notes Dela Cruz, “to help us design these automations and power apps, as well as pick their brains so we can provide optimal solutions for the business in future.”  



Even after 5 years, Sandee still looks forward to his monthly Advisory meetings with Nim and CrucialLogics. He comments, “CrucialLogics’ CxO Advisory feels more like an extension of our team rather than an advisory session. Nim and I have a relationship that transcends the professional and we now count ourselves as friends, so he is pretty candid with me. That’s really important. I need someone to challenge my ideas.” He continues, “At the end of the day you really only know what you know, and CrucialLogics provides alternate ways of approaching problems in order to always bring the most benefit to the business. Their motto, Consulting with a Conscience, is fitting.” 


“CrucialLogics’ CxO Advisory is invaluable. Having that link to a bigger point of view is important so that I'm not in my own echo chamber when I'm looking for solutions to IT and business issues.”  

Sandee Dela Cruz, Senior IT Director Miravo Healthcare