Gem Star Inc.

Bhushan Vora is Canada’s premiere diamond importer, wholesaler, and distributor. His two businesses are located in Vaughan, Ontario, and his teams travel the world frequently, scouring the globe for the finest diamonds.


As his companies grew, security challenges were increasing in frequency, including email corruption. Not only did the two offices need to communicate with each other, but travelling team members would often need to access important documents on the road. These interactions were creating security vulnerabilities, as well as slowing down productivity. Travelling team members in need of documents would have to call the office, see if someone was available, and then have the documents transferred. If a team member needed access to a document while travelling in a different time zone, they would often have to wait until the next business day to receive it.


Moving towards future growth

CrucialLogics was selected to transition Bhushan’s multiple companies to the Microsoft cloud environment. It was determined that the companies would benefit significantly from introducing SharePoint into their daily operations, providing the teams easier access to important documents outside the office. Given that Bhushan’s area of expertise is diamonds, and not IT, it was important for the CrucialLogics team to ensure that they imparted an understanding of the superior security and productivity functions of Microsoft 365. Many, if not most, of Bhushan’s competitors at the time were still wary of transitioning to the cloud. And while Bhushan was interested in the benefits of cloud technology, he also had a number of concerns that needed to be sufficiently addressed before moving forward. Once CrucialLogics imparted a comfort level on the platform, they were able to begin the transition.


Less risk, more time for what matters most

CrucialLogics began the transition by moving the companies’ email over to the cloud. From there, within roughly the span of two weekends, both offices were operating completely within a Microsoft 365 environment. The new email environment was significantly more stable, and communicating and collaborating with staff overseas became substantially easier, regardless of the time difference.

What struck Bhushan most was the sheer amount of time and energy available to his team to focus on doing what they do best: growing the business. CrucialLogics had designed and implemented an infrastructure that would take the guesswork out of the companies’ varied IT operations. And now that they no longer needed to divert energy towards fixing IT crashes and potential security breaches, they began to experience an immediate sense of growth and forward motion.

"Once you start working on the cloud, you quickly learn how fast you can grow now that you’re not worrying about other aspects."

— Bhushan Vora, Founding Chairman, Diamond Bourse of Canada Gem Star Inc.