Harnessing IT Strategy to Drive Meaningful Change- How CrucialLogics helped CCRM build an IT foundation for future growth.

The Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) is a Canadian organization that supports the development and implementation of new and emerging cell and gene therapies and regenerative-based medicine. CCRM is growing rapidly and has set a number of ambitious goals for the coming years. These goals will not only grow the organization itself but also introduce wider change to the health landscape across the world.


CCRM does not have its own IT department, and as a result, the organization was relying on the varied insight of multiple third-party vendors to meet its technology goals. Security, growth, collaboration, and efficiency were all issues that needed to be addressed, but with disparate opinions coming from multiple vendors, the organization was struggling to centralize its strategy.


Values-based advice, tangible results.

CrucialLogics was brought in to determine the overall
enterprise digital transformation and advanced architecture. The team began by developing an in-depth understanding of CCRM’s goals for the future. It was clear that the new strategy needed to be scalable to support growth, provide security to handle the intellectual property and sensitive data being generated, and remain cost-effective. CCRM also wished to transition from its own servers to a cloud-based platform. Following the development of the transformation strategy, CrucialLogics got to work sourcing the appropriate platforms and selecting the best vendors. The team landed on a Microsoft 365 environment that would provide seamless collaboration between team members while also supporting the future growth of new business lines such as the manufacturing of stem cells for clinical trials. CrucialLogics created a detailed plan for how programs
like Active Directory, Azure, Office 365, Skype for Business, SharePoint, and SCCM would interact, while also designing a very secure LAN and WAN infrastructure. This infrastructure leveraged network segregation via Zones, IDS/IPS, NAC, Secure Wireless access points, Secure Remote
VPN and a monitor solution using SIEM to achieve a heightened security environment. Once Azure was chosen as the cloud platform, the migration from server to cloud began.


Budget reductions and streamlined processes

Having taken the helm of negotiations with IT vendors, Cruciallogics was not only able to choose the best partner to meet CCRM’s extensive needs, but also to negotiate
more favorable pricing: Upwards of 30% off from the original quote. CrucialLogic’s unbiased, objective perspective added value to CCRM’s IT strategy by creating alignment between
the organization’s core values, and the IT solutions that would enable those values to be put into action. When CrucialLogics began work on the transformation, CCRM had 60 employees. In the time since, they’ve grown to a team of 80, and anticipate reaching 100 team members by the end
of 2019. CrucialLogics solutions have created a foundation for that growth, ensuring seamless collaboration and scrupulous security, sustainable for the long-term.


CrucialLogics definitely has the technical expertise. But more importantly, they want to build a longterm relationship where both sides prosper.

Varathan Pathmahaathan, Director, IT Operations United Way of Greater Toronto