Nuvo Pharmaceuticals

Nuvo Pharmaceuticals is a Canadian-focused healthcare company with a global reach, and a diversified portfolio of commercial products. Headquartered in Mississauga, Nuvo has also has international operations located in Dublin, Ireland, and a manufacturing facility in Quebec. The company targets several therapeutic areas, including pain, allergy, and dermatology.


Nuvo Pharmaceuticals was poised at the outset of an important acquisition, and needed assistance in ensuring that all systems integrations were conducted seamlessly. Given the complexity of the migration, Nuvo anticipated needing a partner who could be flexible and adjust timing based on their needs.


Frequent touchpoints, exemplary subject matter expertise Nuvo Pharmaceuticals sent out an RFP to three vendors, including CrucialLogics. What initially struck the Nuvo team about CrucialLogics’ response was their agility. While other, larger vendors proposed restrictive time constraints and financial penalties for overages, CrucialLogics communicated their willingness to work with Nuvo on timing to ensure that the project needs were met to the best of their abilities.

Further, CrucialLogic’s subject matter expertise was apparent from very early on in the process. Rather than having to communicate through a sales team, Nuvo’s first points of contact at CrucialLogics were individuals who were subject matter experts, willing and able to answer technical questions on the spot.


Happy users, smooth workflows CrucialLogics successfully completed the migration according to Nuvo’s timelines. Whenever a potential challenge or road block arose, the CrucialLogics team met the issue with poise and professionalism.

Due to the complexity of the migration, communication was a priority. Nuvo was impressed by CrucialLogics’ responsiveness; whenever the Nuvo team had a question, CrucialLogics responded in a timely fashion and dealt with the concern promptly. The frequency and quality of communication resulted in a very positive working relationship being formed- so much so that CrucialLogics was awarded further work in integrating the needs of Nuvo’s international offices.

Most importantly, the migration was completed without disruption to workflow or end users. In fact, the migration was so seamless that most users had no idea that anything had changed behind the scenes!

"You really feel like they are listening. You feel like they are aware and care about the issues you’re concerned about.”

- Sandee Dela Cruz, Director of IT, Nuvo Pharmaceuticals