Jones Healthcare Group Uses a Cloud Assessment to Roll Out New Software

Jones Healthcare Group is a world-class provider of advanced packaging and medication dispensing solutions. For over a century their partnerships, knowledge and expertise across healthcare sectors have uniquely positioned them to respond to evolving market needs with insights and opportunities for their customers.


Jones was looking for an experienced partner to help  them migrate to cloud-based email using Microsoft O365. Caleb Zimmerman, Vice President, Information and Business Technology, was referred to CrucialLogics by a former colleague. Caleb recognized that Jones was early in its cloud adoption and wanted to set the foundation for future technology transformations to modernize the technology supporting  the company. Additionally, he wanted to ensure the organization wasn’t exposed to information security gaps or risks within their existing systems.


After a detailed discovery period, CrucialLogics delivered the assessment report. The report contained a high level executive report detailing the risks and a thorough assessment. The assessment also identified the level of effort to remediate and the level of risk for each recommendation. This allowed the internal team to make a plan they could confidently implement.
The internal team also learned from CrucialLogics. For example, the internal team wasn’t aware of a configuration setting, and, after reviewing the report, they were able to quickly implement the change themselves. Caleb comments on these recommendations, “There are things we can do here to better manage something, to better close a gap, to better put in contingency plans or other remediations or other compensating controls to make sure that this risk is effectively dealt with.”


With the foundation now laid and an action plan in progress, Caleb recognizes that employees will change how they think about collaboration, data privacy and data integrity. Caleb comments, “We really want to start rolling out additional functionality in consumable pieces, whether cloud-based storage, Teams collaboration, or Azure AD. We’re also looking at functionality like identity management longer term.”

When it comes to the Microsoft tools, the Microsoft platform and the Microsoft ecosystem, hands down, [CrucialLogics is] one of the best I’ve worked with.

Caleb Zimmerman, Vice President, Information and Business Technology Jones Healthcare Group