Oakville Enterprise Corporation Case Study

Oakville Enterprise Corporation (OEC) serves the infrastructure, energy, renewable generation, and electricity and gas distribution sectors across Canada and beyond.


OEC is an umbrella organization that supports a range of companies with different needs, different mandates, and different funding and budget constraints, adding to the complexity of managing their IT infrastructure. With the global pandemic and the accompanying rise in cyber threats, OEC knew they needed to strengthen their backend environment and their Microsoft 365 space. In the past, they had implemented out-of-the-box solutions, which had very basic security settings that now needed to be addressed.

The Director of Digital and Technology at OEC, commented, “With everything happening as part of the pandemic we needed an organization that would approach all problems using a cybersecurity hat. CrucialLogics came highly recommended.”  When OEC ran a corporate penetration test, CrucialLogics worked with their team to support remediation efforts.

“From assessing our mobile device management to looking at the active directory structure and our backend packing and synchronization, there were a number of different spaces that we worked with CrucialLogics to address.”



With CrucialLogics’ advisory-first approach and project management methodology, they mapped out OEC’s requirements and deliverables. The aim was to strengthen the Microsoft 365 security environment given the rise in cybercrime over the pandemic. The Director commented, “The CrucialLogics team worked with us to create a roadmap for various opportunities. They made recommendations on how we could re-strategize, and we have moved forward with a couple of the items in order to strengthen our organization.”


Shoring up OEC’s IT security posture for their backend infrastructure, 0365 space, and mobile devices, CrucialLogics managed multiple priorities. But what really impressed OEC was the company’s approach. The Director commented, “CrucialLogics has been fantastic. They have helped support our team in terms of evolving our knowledge base. They’ve also gone above and beyond to make recommendations on licenses and how to do more with our fixed budget. Their team is very knowledgeable, specifically in the Microsoft 365 space and they did a really good assessment of our environment to navigate through some of the issues that we had.”


“I would definitely recommend CrucialLogics. They approach a problem with quite a number of different lenses to help drive best outcomes. They can be the doers, but they can actually be the support structure to help strategize through business problems as well, which is of great value.”

Director, Digital and Technology at OEC