Planview USL

Planview Utility Services Ltd. (Planview USL) offers a synergistic suite of expertise in Engineering and Design, Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


The Planview USL mapping team needed to rebuild their Active Directory (AD), increase their security and action a number of items that surfaced during their pen test.

An internal contact at Planview USL referred the CrucialLogics team. “From our first meeting with CrucialLogics, we were all on the same page and felt a level of comfort that Amol and his team understood our needs not only from a technical perspective, but in terms of timeline and a quick response,” says Kris Philpott, Vice President.


CrucialLogics provided a detailed proposal that outlined how they would exceed Planview USL’s requirements within their timeline. The proposal incorporated the recommendations from the pen test, and put additional best practices in place. This environment was built from scratch and they were able to reattach the previously orphaned member servers.

“The quality of work was great and on time; exactly what we expected, with no unwanted surprises,” says Philpott.


Like many small businesses that continue to grow, Planview USL found themselves perpetually in startup mode from an I.T. perspective. Their team was always focusing on supporting that growth instead of maximizing their time to support the evolving business. Decisions they’d made that worked when they were a very small company of 5 people had become larger issues with over 160 employees.

“Some of the things that we learned throughout the process were things that we had missed while being focused on the growth,” says Philpott. “They really showed us how to streamline our downtime, but maximize our I.T. team’s time so they’re having to spend as much time making changes.” CrucialLogics has an unwavering approach to ensure that security comes first. “In the past we didn’t have confidence that our approach was the best approach,” says Philpott. “What they brought to the table as a partner was being confident enough to tell us we needed to stick to this approach because you don’t want to jeopardize security, ”says Philpott, who found CrucialLogics’ confidence to disagree with a potential customer a rare refreshing change. Amol and his team even dropped a lot of work out of the original proposal as they learned more about the project and both sides realized they didn’t need to so some of the original scope of work.

Afterwards, Planview USL brought in a third-party to do some testing on the environment that CrucialLogics built. Although the pen testers were unable to ethically compromise the environment as a result of their lock down approach, there were a few items that were raised. CrucialLogics support was first-rate. They returned to address issues without any additional charge and even weeks later were responsive to additional questions and willing to provide support.

“CrucialLogics is a partner you can count on and trust to be able to help you determine what you need without the upsell pressure. You can count on these guys to give you the truest assessment of what you need. I have no doubt that they can support the longer-term, bigger picture as well.”