Scaling Up from Startup to Enterprise - Grade IT. How CrucialLogics Readied Alterfina for Future Growth

Since its creation in 2013, Alterfina has been offering consumers credit solution alternatives to products offered by banking institutions.


Two years ago, Alterfina had grown beyond the startup phase and hired Jonathan Dupont as IT Director, to ensure their technology was poised and ready for growth. Alterfina was looking for a Microsoft partner and turned to Sherweb, their service provider at the time. Sherweb referred them to CrucialLogics, a Microsoft Gold Partner known for their advisory-first approach to solve IT and business problems. Dupont approached Amol Joshi, Partner, Enterprise Services at CrucialLogics, to discuss his company’s future plans and needs. Dupont had a clear objective but was looking for trusted advice.


Dupont comments about his initial exploratory conversation with CrucialLogics, “Amol told me that the first thing I needed to do was get all three companies and all environments together under one roof, on one tenant, and then we can chat about the future. So in the very first conversation Amol assigned me with homework.” That became Alterfina’s first project with CrucialLogics, which consisted of migrating all three companies to Microsoft 365 and moving their licensing over to CrucialLogics.



Dupont recognized that Alterfina needed enterprise-level tools and engaged CrucialLogics to help facilitate the transition to Microsoft 365, including moving away from their current collaboration and chatting solutions to the more robust SharePoint and Teams. On a shared-service level, it was also time to move to Azure hosting from desktop PCs.

As the company was growing and consolidating their IT, Dupont also wanted to improve their IT service. He began having conversations with CrucialLogics about Intune and Microsoft Endpoint Management, which CrucialLogics was contracted to implement within 6 months. Dupont notes,
“During those six months it was a pretty heavy project, but we stuck to the plan and stayed on course.”


Alterfina and CrucialLogics were able to build a cohesive and secure IT environment. Alterfina’s IT is now poised for continued growth, and Dupont notes that a big facilitator of this is Endpoint Management, which CrucialLogics recommended. “It was something that we discussed with CrucialLogics and we absolutely loved their recommendation.”



Alterfina enrolled 130 laptops on Microsoft Endpoint Management (MEM), which meant calling each user into the office. Dupont says, “We appreciate only having to worry about maintenance now. With the completion of the enrollment process, we were able to uninstall Sophos and deploy Microsoft Defender across all 130 laptops in 130 locations in a few clicks, within a week. Such as feat would have been unthinkable a year ago under our old technology stack. We now have a wealth of opportunities to explore with MEM.”


In addition to having their Microsoft licenses with CrucialLogics, Alterfina continues to have conversations with the company about potential future projects when budget allows.

Our relationship with CrucialLogics is very strong, and we want to keep the partnership going.

Jonathan Dupont , Director of IT Alterfina