Dream is an award-winning Canadian real estate company, with operations throughout North America and Europe. As one of Canada’s largest real estate developers, Dream has over $15 billion of assets, and a team that spans multiple offices across several countries. Dream recently underwent a company-wide rebrand that necessitated a migration of the active directory over to the new domain and naming conventions. With frequent change in their asset ownership, the migration also needed to lay the groundwork for growth and collaboration in the coming years.


Custom-built to solve a complex set of needs

Any active directory migration involves a certain amount of risk, but the team at Dream wanted to ensure that the transition was as seamless as possible. The goal was to migrate the system without creating any interruptions to the employees as they attempted to log in and conduct business as usual. This was a complex task, given that Dream consists of five publicly traded companies, some of which have GDPR-specific privacy requirements. CrucialLogics invested in a thorough review of Dream’s infrastructure architecture, and crafted a customized strategy that would mitigate risk while delivering maximum functionality. As a company, Dream is very cognizant of change management, and before the migration took place, CrucialLogics acted as partner in determining how the solution should be deployed, when the migration would take place, and what the strategy would be should they run into any user issues.


Flawless execution with zero business impact

Following a thorough planning process, CrucialLogics successfully consolidated and migrated all 1200 users to the new active directory environment. All people, devices, and servers were transitioned to a brand new domain without any impact to the business. Without any user interruptions, Dream was able to continue tackling tasks pertaining to the rebrand, with CrucialLogics as their “go-to partner”.

CrucialLogics launched the Dream website in the Azure app stack using the Azure web app. By hosting the site on Azure, Dream has achieved a 100% Microsoft-based infrastructure for web applications, enhancing synergy between platforms and ease of communication between offices. Next, a Hub Sync solution was implemented to ease the transition of future acquisitions. Currently, CrucialLogics is helping Dream with a new document management strategy; first by determining the right solution, and then leading them through the project as their implementation partner.

“The CrucialLogics team understands our organization. They have helped shape our technology architecture and continue to help us execute our roadmap.”

— Jim Valkanas Vice President, Technology Operations Dream Unlimited