Architech is a leading Toronto-based software and technology solutions company. From modernizing legacy systems to creating innovative cloud-native applications, they leverage the latest cloud technology and their seasoned team of experts to help established companies succeed in today’s digital world.


Architech’s new Chief Technology Officer identified that there were opportunities to improve both security and help desk services. As software experts, Architech knew how important it was to invest in security as well as find operational efficiencies so they could continue delivering high-quality solutions without compromising on speed. At the time, the company was looking for a more comprehensive IT solution that would also help streamline their technology department. They identified that a full overhaul would be best – WiFi, network, O365 – as well as a fuller support model that that would better cater to their users with best-in-class support.

Lacking the bandwidth in-house to take on these initiatives, the company knew they needed a trusted advisor that would work quickly and stay on budget, partner with them to provide an unbiased and coherent strategy, and have the tactical skills to carry out implementation and change management so that they could continue focusing on helping their own clients with peace of mind.


The CTO was already familiar with CrucialLogics’ CIO advisory services and their unbiased approach to finding best-fit solutions – then executing them seamlessly. Architech engaged CrucialLogics as a trusted advisor. CrucialLogics took the company through each step of the process as they ventured on their digital transformation journey, which included:

  • Further-bolstering Architech’s cloud security through cloud data protection
  • Helping with perimeter security redesign and WiFi optimization
  • Implementing HyperCare and providing on-site support for Architech’s 100-person user base


CrucialLogics went beyond prescribed methodology to find collaboration tools that the company could use to avoid redundancy. “The fluidity in our collaboration and conversations with CrucialLogics helped to uncover the best solution,” comments Architech’s CTO, Ashish Patel.

CrucialLogics also replaced Architech’s existing remote support with their HyperCare solution, which enables Architech’s IT department and services to be an integral part the organization. HyperCare unifies and streamlines security, communications, collaboration and ultimately, productivity, all while providing exceedingly high levels of support. Patel comments, “When we announced CrucialLogics HyperCare as our new on-site support solution to our workforce, the entire room burst into applause. Architech’s support desk is now on-site and is more aligned with the company’s strategies than ever before.”

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and eager to proactively enable everyone to work effectively from home, Architech chose to implement an additional non-Microsoft conferencing solution for all external communications. CrucialLogics and the Hypercare team rolled out the system within 24 hours, training and acclimatizing employees just in time for the country-wide shutdown. CrucialLogics continues to provide support for this system.

“CrucialLogics was empathetic to our situation and helped us manage our costs. They were looking at things through our lens and we became a partner, rather than a client.”

-Ashish Patel, Chief Technology Officer, Architech