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Written by Omar Rbati
on May 26, 2023

Security professionals face a daunting challenge in today's cyber threat environment with a massive amount of data and signals, a shortage of skilled analysts, and sophisticated bad actors who constantly evolve their tactics. To cope with these challenges, security teams need tools that can help them automate, prioritize, and streamline their tasks. 

Enter Microsoft Security Copilot. Microsoft Security Copilot is an AI-powered security analysis tool that enables analysts to respond to threats quickly, process signals at machine speed, and assess risk exposure in minutes. It leverages the power of OpenAI's GPT-4 generative AI and Microsoft's security-specific model, which incorporates a growing set of security skills and global threat intelligence. 


Microsoft Security Copilot can help security teams with various scenarios, such as: 


Next-level incident response

Security Copilot can help analysts investigate incidents by generating queries, insights, and recommendations based on natural language prompts. For example, an analyst can ask Security Copilot to "show me the timeline of events for this alert" or "explain why this device is compromised." Security Copilot can also help analysts create incident reports by summarizing the key findings and actions. 


Threat hunting

Security Copilot can help analysts proactively hunt for threats by generating hypotheses, queries, and alerts based on natural language prompts. For example, an analyst can ask Security Copilot to "find me devices with unusual network activity" or "show me indicators of ransomware activity." Security Copilot can also help analysts validate their hypotheses by providing evidence and context. 


Security reporting

Security Copilot can help analysts communicate their security posture and performance by generating reports, dashboards, and presentations based on natural language prompts. For example, an analyst can ask Security Copilot to "create a monthly report on the top security incidents" or "show me a dashboard of the security health score." Security Copilot can also help analysts customize their reports by adding charts, tables, and images. 


How Security Copilot integrates with Microsoft security products 

Security Copilot is a web-based tool that runs on Azure's hyper-scale infrastructure. It integrates with Microsoft's security products, such as Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender, and Microsoft Intune, to access data and signals from various sources. Security Copilot also leverages Microsoft's unique global threat intelligence and more than 65 trillion daily signals to enrich its analysis. 

Security Copilot uses a closed-loop learning system that continually learns from user feedback and improves over time. Users can also provide feedback to Security Copilot using the built-in feedback feature or rating its responses. Users can also collaborate by using the pinboard feature, which allows them to share information and insights. 

Security Copilot is designed to assist a security analyst's work rather than replace it. It's a natively integrated tool to validate content from a threat perspective, i.e. alerts summary and compromised content reputation. Security Copilot does not make decisions or act on the user's behalf. It also does not store user data or signals outside the user's Microsoft 365 tenant. Users have complete control over their data and can delete it anytime. 

Microsoft Security Copilot is currently in preview and available to select customers. Contact us today to learn more about Microsoft Security Copilot and how it can help you defend your organization.  

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