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Written by Nim Nadarajah
on June 18, 2020

Here at CrucialLogics, we work with many great Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in an effort to provide our customers with solutions that work for them and deliver value. Case in point: We’re excited to share with you a free app for Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud thanks to our trusted partner, Insight Works.

The app is called WMS Express, and it represents a warehouse management system for Business Central Cloud that brings mobile device integration to the warehouse floor. Why is this such a big deal? For one, the app is free, but there are also three versions to choose from depending on your type of business. Each version is designed to help businesses streamline their warehouse or retail environment.

These versions include:

WMS Express Standard – Ideal for organizations that use purchase and sales orders but don’t utilize warehouse documents such as picks and put-aways.


WMS Express Basic Warehouse – A solid option for those who run a simple warehouse and have enabled inventory put-aways and inventory picks.

WMS Express Warehouse – A good choice for those using the warehouse document features of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Click here for a complete comparison of the different versions available.

Key Features

WMS Express seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud, and configuring the app is simple, requiring less than five minutes by simply scanning a barcode; by scanning a barcode generated by a customer’s specific version of Business Central, WMS Express will actually configure itself. What’s more, both Android and Windows operating systems on mobile devices are supported, in addition to a variety of handheld devices such as mobile computers, tablets, smartphones, wearables and others.

Multi-dimensional barcodes are also supported by WMS Express (i.e. both 1D and 2D types), and for those adopting 2D data matrix barcodes, the compact size and large data capacity are definite benefits, enabling users to store more information and collect more information in a single scan.

What it all Boils Down To

Effectively, WMS Express from our partner, Insight Works, saves those working in the warehouse sector a great deal of time while increasing accuracy. This is achieved by scanning barcodes to manage different warehouse operations, so whether you run a simple operation wherein purchase and sales orders are used or run a more complex warehouse, WMS Express will help streamline processes.

Further, because it was built specifically for Business Central, WMS Express works seamlessly with your cloud implementation of Business Central, irrespective of your warehouse configuration – so, unlike bolt-on solutions, you won’t experience integration issues or need to learn a new interface.

By combining WMS Express with the warehousing management functions in Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud, you can effectively manage the movement of inventory and more efficiently control your supply chain.

This video highlights everything Insight Works has put into WMS Express, and is a great way to begin getting your feet wet with the product. For more information about this innovative release, visit WMS Express or reach out to the team here at CrucialLogics.

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