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Written by Nim Nadarajah
on April 15, 2018

Having worked as a Senior IT leader and actively working with many CIOs one of the biggest challenges in delivering IT to our organizations is being able to create value while keeping peace with all the operational matters at hand. You know what they say, “you’re only as good as your last mistake.” Every day we enter center stage, playing the juggling act. Glass balls, Rubber balls and sometimes fiery hoops.

As Ring Masters of our domain, concept of glass balls vs rubber balls is dear to our hearts. Priorities shift like the wind, and you start to wonder, well; innovation, and all these buzz words like digital, cloud, block-chain etc. all become noise, because to your business they are rubber balls. Bet, you planned on being a Ring Master and never planned on being part of the juggling act. But here you are!  

You frequently drop the rubber balls (more often than you’d like), to focus on the glass balls. When they bounce back, you got ‘em! (until you drop ‘em again!) You get comfortable with being a juggler and start performing fancy tricks, the crowd screams for more as you put them into spins and they bounce back, but you dare drop a glass ball.  Keeping the lights on, making sure email, phone, network, security, the ERP, the CRM, laptops work and the executive mandated projects are all working operational. Let’s not forget patch, patch, patch – the monthly mantra. 

With all your efforts, somehow if the business is still impacted you will pay with your career; oh dear, you dropped a glass ball! You get booed and everyone is disappointed. 

You know what they say, CIO = Career IOver! 

Even jugglers need safety nets! I guess then the question becomes how can a CIO do both? Does such a super-hero really exist? How can you somehow keep the momentum on the rubber balls while the glass balls steal the show? 

We’ve learned this is where CIOs need the most help. They want help with the glass balls (Innovation and Vision) because most are so busy with focusing on the glass balls (Day to Day); and the best situation possible occurs when we can create is a rubber ball magically into a glass ball! Viola! Magic! Did I forget to mention, every Circus has to have an element of magic; that’s the “WOW factor” we all are thrilled and thriving to see! 

Lights! Enter the act in Ring 2. 

The CrucialLogics 5 step Advisory Program. Your trusted advisors, helping CIOs get momentum on the day to day tasks and maintain that momentum. How do we do it? We help you make rubber balls into glass balls.

1) Align visually – show them what is your vision and WHY! 

2) Let’s stop talking in technical terms, and start reflecting our IT strategy in Business terms, 

3) Demonstrate, by ACTION, that we understand the business, 

4) Let’s find the low hanging fruits, and help build that credibility and 

5) Show the business you’re generating savings in IT that can be re-invested into enabling them better! 

The closing act. 

The magic happens when there are no glass balls dropped in the center ring, and the acts synchronize, with rubber balls becoming glass balls smoothly thrown into the center act.  Ask us how we can help you. Assistant ring master, secondary juggler, CIO Advisor is what we do best. 


Nim Nadarajah is one of the founders of CrucialLogics, and is the Director of the Advisory Practice at CrucialLogics.

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