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Written by Omar Rbati
on July 28, 2023

Microsoft 365 and Azure AD (recently rebranded to MS Entra ID) are two powerful solutions that help organizations manage their identity and access management (IAM) needs. Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite with Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and more. Azure AD is a cloud-based directory and identity service that integrates with Microsoft 365 and other applications to provide secure and seamless authentication and authorization. Together, Microsoft 365 and Azure AD enable users to access the resources they need from any device, anywhere, while ensuring compliance and security.


Microsoft Entra is a new cloud identity and access management solution that offers identity protection, identity governance and verifiable credentials. It can help secure your internet access and enable private access to your applications and data.


For months, Microsoft has been introducing Entra components and new IAM services that help enterprise customers manage their data and applications across multiple cloud platforms. Entra is designed to simplify the complexity of hybrid cloud environments, enabling customers to seamlessly migrate, integrate, and optimize their workloads on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and other providers.


Entra offers a unified dashboard that gives customers a comprehensive view of their cloud resources, costs, performance, and security. Customers can also use Entra to automate tasks such as backup, recovery, scaling, and compliance. Entra is a comprehensive and integrated cloud IAM platform that leverages the power of Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Graph, Microsoft 365 and Azure services, as well as Microsoft's expertise in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and security to deliver a reliable, scalable, and secure service that meets the needs of today's enterprises.


Microsoft Entra provides the following capabilities:


Microsoft Entra ID


Identity Protection

Detect and prevent identity-based attacks, such as phishing, credential theft, account takeover and identity compromise. Microsoft Entra ID uses advanced machine learning and behavioural analytics to monitor user activities, detect anomalies and alert you of suspicious actions. Microsoft Entra ID also enables you to enforce multi-factor authentication, conditional access policies and passwordless authentication to enhance your security posture.


Identity Governance

Manage and govern your identities, roles and access across your hybrid environment. Microsoft Entra ID allows you to define and enforce granular access policies based on user attributes, device context, location and risk level. Microsoft Entra ID also enables you to automate identity lifecycle management, such as provisioning, de-provisioning, certification and attestation. Microsoft Entra ID also provides rich audit logs and reports to help you comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards.


Verifiable Credentials

Issue and verify digital credentials that prove your identity, skills, qualifications and affiliations. Microsoft Entra ID uses decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credential standards to enable you to create self-sovereign identities that are portable, secure and privacy-preserving. Microsoft Entra ID also allows you to integrate with third-party credential issuers and verifiers, such as educational institutions, employers, governments and organizations.


Microsoft Entra Internet Access


Internet Access

Protect your internet traffic from malicious actors and unwanted content. Microsoft Entra Internet Access uses Azure Firewall, Azure DNS, Azure Sentinel and Azure Security Center to provide a secure, reliable and scalable internet gateway. Microsoft Entra Internet Access also enables you to apply web filtering, content inspection, threat intelligence and data loss prevention policies to your internet traffic. Microsoft Entra Internet Access also gives you visibility and control over your internet usage and costs.


Microsoft Entra Private Access

Securely access your applications and data from anywhere and on any device. Microsoft Entra Private Access uses Azure Virtual WAN, Azure VPN Gateway, Azure ExpressRoute and Azure Bastion to provide a private network that connects your on-premises and cloud resources. Microsoft Entra Private Access also enables you to apply zero-trust network access (ZTNA) principles to your private network, such as least-privilege access, micro-segmentation, encryption and continuous verification.


Microsoft Entra is designed to help you simplify your identity and access management challenges, improve your security posture and enhance your user experience. To learn more about Microsoft Entra, please contact us today.



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