Webinar:  Identity Management in the Microsoft Environment

Achieving Balance with Identity Management


The more complicated IT gets, the harder it is to know you’ve got a system that effectively balances the human aspect with the complicated IT deployment your business relies upon. IT administrators can employ the most secure solutions available — but it all means nothing when paired with weak Identity & Access Management.

Compromised Credentials to Blame for 22% of Security Breaches

According to a 2017 report by Cloud Security Alliance, 25% of respondents claimed that they were unsure if compromised credentials played a part in causing the reported breach.

Identity Management is the First Line of Cybersecurity Defense

Identity Management is all too often the only thing standing between your sensitive data and the cyberattackers looking for a way in.

Data Breaches, Malicious Insiders, Compromised Credentials

A decentralized, unscalable IAM system that lacks multi-factor authentication (MFA) technology increases the likelihood of unauthorized access occurring.

Topics Covered by the Webinar:

  • Importance of Process & Governance vs. Tool
  • Identity Administration
  • Segregation of Duties (SoD)
  • Authorization and Access Management
  • Remote Access Authorization and Management
  • Privileged and Emergency Access
  • Microsoft Identity Manager with AD and Cloud applications


Nim Nadarajah, PMP, MBA, SSGB, CSM linkdin

Principal, Consulting & Advisory Professional Services
Senior Managing Consultant & Identity Architect at CrucialLogics

 James Booth linkdin

Senior Managing Consultant & Identity Architect at CrucialLogics


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