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Written by Desirae Huot
on April 25, 2024

Microsoft SharePoint is a robust cloud-based platform designed to help users store, manage, and collaborate on projects. It offers a range of features for both internal and external users. 

If you're new to SharePoint, accessing its gateway can be a pain. However, understanding how it works opens up new possibilities for streamlining workflows and enhancing collaboration. 

In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps for sharepoint logging in. 

Step 1: Access Your SharePoint Login Page

You can access your SharePoint login page through the Microsoft 365 Portal or using your company’s direct link. :

Via the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) Portal

When logging in to Microsoft Office 365, there are several options to consider. 

First, you can use your company’s specific link. For example, if your company's SharePoint is on Office 365, your link might look like

Contact your organization's help desk or network support team to get the URL if you're unsure.

If you don't have a specific link, you can use the generic Office 365 URL. Just go to and click "Sign In.” 

Keep in mind that if your company has customized the sign-in page, you might not see it at first on the generic page. But once you enter your email and continue, the page will refresh, and you'll see your company's branded sign-in page when prompted to enter your password.

On-premises (Your Company's Direct Link) or Third-party Hosting

If your company is using the on-premises version of SharePoint, you'll need to get the right URL to access it. Your company may provide a direct link to the SharePoint site, typically formatted as follows:

Your company could also use third-party hosting to access the sign-in page. in this case, contact your organization's help desk or network support to get this URL. 

Step 2: Sign in With Your Credentials

Once you’re on your company’s SharePoint login page, you will be prompted to enter your credentials. The login process may vary depending on how your company configures the SharePoint login page:

Microsoft Office 365

Open your web browser and enter the URL you obtained in Step 1. Then, enter your username, which is usually your company email address, into the provided field and click "Next."



After entering your Office 365 password, click "Sign in."

If your company has implemented corporate branding, you will notice the logo on the sign-in page image. 

This is an example of an Office 365 sign-in page with corporate branding (I had already signed into my CrucialLogics SharePoint portal, so it asks me to pick an account instead)

On-premises (Hosted locally by your organization or by a third party)

In this case, your company's IT department should provide you with a specific web address to access the On-premise SharePoint instance. 

Open your preferred web browser, enter the URL into the address bar, and press Enter to load the page.

Your browser will automatically redirect you to your company's SharePoint login page. 

Troubleshooting SharePoint Login Problems 

Microsoft Office 365

If you're unable to recall your login details for Office 365, Microsoft offers an automated solution to reset your password. Simply visit this link:

On-Premises (Managed locally by your organization)

If you misplaced the login details of your company, you need to contact your internal support team. They will reset your password and provide you with a temporary password. 

Managed by a Third-Party

If you are unable to recall your credentials, you can reach out to your internal IT department or your third-party hosting provider for a solution. Your internal help desk or network support team are accessible points of contact within your organization. If neither option is viable, contact your third-party support department and request for a password reset. 

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