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Written by CrucialLogics
on April 07, 2020

Technological change is an involved process. There are lots of moving parts, lots of stakeholders, and occasionally following a go-live date, there can be a little bit of confusion.

Ideally, the period directly following a transformation is smooth and uneventful. Obviously, we can increase the ease with which technological change rolls out by ensuring that ample planning and communication occurs as the new system is being adopted. What can be done to mitigate this risk you ask? There is a solution: HyperCare.

CrucialLogics offers our clients bespoke HyperCare services that follow a unique philosophy: Managed Services Requires Intimacy.  Our HyperCare program is differentiated, providing an elevated level of personalized support following transformation, and into the future. Our HyperCare services take all the guesswork out of supporting end-users, delivering meticulous attention to detail, and most importantly, peace of mind.

HyperCare can help organizations to stay secure and spend wisely.  Following our HyperCare program allows companies to focus on driving their business, while we take care of enabling and supporting IT.  Let’s look at some of the benefits of enlisting an expert to provide ongoing HyperCare services:

1. Cost Savings

At CrucialLogics, we are equipped to tailor a program to suit your needs, ramping up or tapering off support according to factors like your work schedule and security concerns. This way, you pay for exactly what you need, spread across predictable payments.

2. Future Proofing

Technology is constantly evolving. In outsourcing your HyperCare to an expert team, you reduce the number of hours your in-house team will need to spend training on each new upgrade. By the time the upgrade arrives, the team at CrucialLogics already has an understanding of the changes, and we’re ready to roll out.

3. Sturdy Infrastructure

Your HyperCare provider has the resources to monitor and scan your network 24/7, identifying any patch requirements or security concerns in real-time. Bespoke providers go a step further to include your organizational goals and existing business practices into security checks and balances.

4. Productivity Enhancement

By managing all the applications and servers from a central data centre, employees can more readily access the network from anywhere in the world. Remote working becomes easy and efficient.

5. Constant Coverage

Service levels, performance, and maintenance are all continuously monitored in a HyperCare scenario, meaning that issues can be dealt with as soon as they arise. Further, the longer you work with a HyperCare provider, the more familiar the provider is with your network, leading to speedier issue response.

6. Minimize Downtime

CrucialLogics’ proven track record for redundancy and resiliency provides our HyperCare clients with ongoing business continuity. Data is safe and secure across all applications and cloud services, and in the event of a disaster, downtime is minimized as the issue is quickly resolved.

7. To the Rescue

Many organizations express concern that in outsourcing IT, they may lengthen the response times following an incident. To the contrary, CrucialLogics’ monitoring and remote cloud services keep watch constantly, allowing us to remotely access, monitor, and detect and remediate quickly.

8. Interacting with Vendors

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, CrucialLogics has a strong relationship with Microsoft, and ample experience communicating issues that need to be resolved. Our understanding of Microsoft products allows us to communicate the technical issues effectively, to ensure that vendor-specific issues are quickly resolved. And that’s not all, we can manage your entire IT vendor eco-system and be your main technical point of contact allowing IT support to be seamless to your business users.

HyperCare, Happy Clients

Having completed more than 1 Million successfully migrated endpoints on behalf of our clients, the CrucialLogics team has a first-hand understanding of how cloud-based solutions can streamline bottlenecks and turbocharge results.  We understand how to serve your end-users effectively and efficiently while ensuring your systems are compliant, up to date and secure.

In managing ongoing services for our clients, we’re able to provide bespoke monitoring and management solutions that meet budgetary requirements and uphold unique business requirements. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can help your organization with Hypercare Managed Services.


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