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Amol Joshi

05 Dec 2019
Office 365 | 1 min read

How Microsoft 365 Enables Global Teamwork with Multi-Geo

Today’s enterprises are facing a challenging paradox: How can we encou...

03 Oct 2019
Data Security | 1 min read

Download our FREE Infographic: 8 Ways to Control Data Sharing

Do you know how valuable your data is? Not just valuable to you, but v...

20 Jun 2019
Data Security | 3 min read

Phishing and Ransomware: How Safe Are You?

In the old days, thieves would hold up their victims while waiting in ...

27 Nov 2018
Security | 2 min read

Are you Ready for Canada’s New PIPEDA Data Breach Reporting Obligations?

Data breaches are inherently costly — but new PIPEDA reporting require...

09 Nov 2018
Security IAM | 2 min read

Cannabis Industry: It’s High Time You Start Thinking About Security

Based on the recent Ontario cannabis store data breach it is our bold ...

05 Nov 2018
IAM | 1 min read

WEBINAR: Crucial Tips for Effective Identity and Access Management

Many companies will spend the resources on obtaining a good general IT...

02 Oct 2018

Azure Active Directory: The Foundation of a Digital Transformation

A digital transformation sounds great, but the execution is fraught wi...

19 Sep 2018
Cloud Strategy | 2 min read

How Azure Brings IaaS and SaaS to Your Business

Many CEOs and business leaders have heard about Infrastructure-as-a-Se...

11 Sep 2018
| 2 min read

How does On-Demand IT Infrastructure through IaaS Save Money?

Responsible for creating miracles in the budget? Many a CFO or other f...

05 Sep 2018
Cloud Strategy | 2 min read

Is Cloud-First Infrastructure Right for your Organization?

The cloud’s only getting stronger — and a cloud-first approach is a sm...