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Written by CrucialLogics
on September 11, 2023


Toronto, ON - (September 11, 2023) - CrucialLogics, a leading provider of Microsoft cybersecurity solutions, is thrilled to announce that they have been named a partner in The MEARIE Group's Cyber Risk Referral Program.


This program offers reliable and comprehensive cyber risk mitigation services to safeguard your organization from threats. By partnering with CrucialLogics, The MEARIE Group aims to provide their members with broader and more consultant-based services to address their more robust cyber support needs.


"We are honoured to become a partner in The MEARIE Group's Cyber Risk Referral Program," says Amol Joshi, CEO of CrucialLogics. "Our team of cybersecurity experts has the expertise to provide industry-leading cybersecurity solutions to the energy sector. We are confident that our partnership with The MEARIE Group will help their members identify, mitigate, and respond to cyber threats effectively."


As part of the program, members will also have the opportunity to access resources like webinars, articles, and more to stay informed. CrucialLogics is committed to supporting upcoming webinars and articles to keep members informed and educated on the latest cyber threats facing their organizations.


“We are excited to partner with CrucialLogics and their team of cybersecurity experts to provide our members with the support they need to protect their businesses from cyber threats," says Patricia Klayh, VP Insurance and Risk management services of The MEARIE Group. "Through our partnership, we can offer our members more comprehensive services, access to broader cybersecurity resources, and optimize their efforts in improving their cyber security infrastructure."


The Cyber Risk Referral Program is available to all The MEARIE Group members. Visit here to learn more about the program and how CrucialLogics can help mitigate your organization's cyber risks.


About CrucialLogics

CrucialLogics is a leading provider of Microsoft cybersecurity solutions that helps organizations identify, mitigate, and respond to cyber threats. With the expertise to deliver industry-leading cybersecurity solutions, CrucialLogics offers customized solutions tailored to each business's unique cybersecurity needs.


About The MEARIE Group

The MEARIE Group is the only Canadian insurance supplier dedicated to the energy sector in Ontario. We offer an extensive range of services that include: property/casualty insurance, group benefits, credit insurance, human resource services, trades, professional and management training, industry conferences and a variety of financial and business solutions - all targeted expressly to the energy sector.


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