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Written by Omar Rbati
on September 04, 2018

Has regulatory compliance been a thorn in your side when it comes to hosted data? Microsoft Teams now offers data residency for Canada. Australia and Japan are next.

Windows Defender protects businesses from a diversity of unwanted and malicious software. You can also use it to block potentially unwanted software that users may seek to install — such as torrent software, cryptomining software, and marketing software.

Office 365 user? It's always good to stay on top of Microsoft's O365 update announcements. Check out this video to learn more about Whiteboard, OneDrive, Kaizala, and more.

When deleting a Microsoft 365 user when they leave the company, you’ll still want to keep their documents. Microsoft now has a workflow that bundles together common steps in offboarding users that can save you a bit of time while ensuring you’re not accidentally losing data.

Azure AD Password Protection and Smart Lockout are Public Preview features looking to keep your users safer. Attackers know how people create passwords. These tools eliminate common password patterns and lockout intruders.

Microsoft’s always on top of security issues. In a recent blog, they comprehensively cover a number of attack types and what you can do to discover them, remediate, and mitigate.

Finally, Microsoft’s got a few more security tips, such as ensuring data is safe when employees use their own devices, and how to help employees meet strict compliance standards.

Remember, if you ever need any help with security, CrucialLogics is a firm full of security experts. We’ve also got an eBook full of useful advice available for anyone looking to bolster their IT security.

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