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Written by CrucialLogics
on May 04, 2020

As a client-first organization, the team at CrucialLogics is committed to continuously increasing the suite of services and tools that we have to offer. The IT landscape is changing daily, with enterprises frequently adding new tech items to their fleets to increase the efficiency and efficacy of their processes. Our goal is to support our clients in securing their businesses in their entirety, and this includes IoT devices.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce our partner, Armis. Armis offers agentless and passive security that protects critical information systems for healthcare, retail, operational technology enterprise, and so much more.

Why IoT Needs Security

Connecting IoT devices to a corporate network opens countless possibilities for getting the most from the technology. But unfortunately, that connection can also be vulnerable to threats. The majority of these devices run on unpatched software or have unsecured communication. Often, the devices belong to an extensive network of shadow devices that are unmanaged. Hackers have begun to take advantage of the gap between available security resources and unmanaged IoT, using these devices to infect systems on the same network.

How Does it Work?

Perhaps the scariest part about IoT hacking is that most enterprises do not have full visibility of their entire network. Of course, it’s difficult to secure something if you aren’t aware of its boundaries. Thus, the first step in securing IoT is to gather a complete asset inventory.

Armis discovers and classifies every IoT device on a network- both managed and unmanaged. This includes devices that are on the network and communicating via Wifi or Bluetooth. Their agentless solution provides a broad range of information about every single device.

Unmanaged devices cannot take an agent, which means that they cannot be analyzed by anything other than an agentless system. Further, scanning can disrupt these devices, and even crash them, making it imperative that the security solution work within safety protocols to mitigate downtime.

The Armis analysis easily identifies device type, manufacturer, model, IP address username, connections, and risk factors. Once the enterprise has knowledge of the entire network of devices, risks can be assessed, and processes can be put in place to enhance security on an ongoing basis.

Automatic Detection and Response

Every threat that is detected moving forward can then be addressed via manual or automated response built into the Armis platform. Devices that are identified as a risk can be quarantined and monitored. Historical activity of the device can be used to determine the method of incident response.

Easily Deployed

Given that Armis does not use agents and does not require any hardware installation, their solutions can be easily deployed in as little as a few minutes. Armis solutions work in perfect harmony with the implementation provided by CrucialLogics, seamlessly aligning with the custom environment we’ve developed for you.

CrucialLogics and Armis

In partnering with Armis, CrucialLogics clients now have an even more extensive network of security solutions at their fingertips. CrucialLogics has an in-depth understanding of the level of security infrastructure necessary to keep the enterprises of today secure and operational.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from our partnership with Armis, reach out to our team today and get the discussion started.




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