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Written by Amol Joshi
on April 04, 2024

Every industry has its own unique needs when it comes to data security and handling. Different industry standards create a web of diverse compliance requirements. And while an organization may seek to adopt new security standards, they often find that one size does not fit all.

At CrucialLogics our Advisory and Assurance takes keeping our clients compliant against their security standards and continuous visibility to their security maturity very seriously. We’ve done many projects taking more traditional approaches to helping the CIOs and CISOs manage this journey of compliance, but we knew there had to be a better way. This is Minerva™!

Traditionally, it’s been common for enterprises to hire individual consulting agencies to oversee a compliance of any kind. The consulting firm ensures that the security infrastructure, controls, processes, policies and procedures cover all the necessary measures specific to their industry. It’s a costly endeavor sometimes amounting to thousands of dollars and no one enjoys the time-consuming process it takes with workshops, evidence management and questionnaires.

A New Solution

V3’s Cybersecurity solution Minerva™ is a brand new tool that has harnessed the power of automation in order to ensure compliance. In mapping compliance alignments to frameworks, enterprises can easily and seamlessly ensure that their security environments are simultaneously protecting data while meeting all the necessary compliance measures.

CrucialLogics is excited to offer our clients Minerva™ technology to streamline the migration process and add further value in taking our clients to the cloud.


Minerva™ fills in the holes that other security programs leave behind. In particular, the program adds value to any size business or industry:

- K to 12 education
- Enterprise and higher education
- Small and Medium-sized businesses

Regardless of your compliance framework, NIST, ISO, ITSG, CSF, PCI, HIPAA we’re able to establish the relevant family of controls that apply to your business, generate questionnaire, assign owners, help gather and index evidence, generate your security maturity score and baseline your ranking according to your industry.

The solution works based on three main tenets:

Traditional compliance assessments are costly. Through Minerva™, organizations have access to an affordable and tiered pricing model.

Minerva™ makes compliance easier. Having worked closely with a variety of state agencies, the platform is populated with regulatory requirements that can be easily aligned to each clients’ program.

24/7/365 communication is available through a dashboard and push button reporting, making it easy to receive answers to pressing questions.

Alignment Throughout The Enterprise

In addition to utilizing the Minerva™ platform to align your organization with your specific industry compliance standards, CrucialLogics takes your IT infrastructure a step further, aligning your tech tools with your corporate goals, objectives, and values.

This means that our clients truly “walk the talk”, having woven their “why” into even their IT strategy. How can IT streamline your sales funnels? Enhance customer service? Simplify collaboration between teams? CrucialLogics can show you how.

We’re in the business of helping CIOs & CISOs to accomplish their goals, working closely with them from inception through to implementation. We produce solutions that enable our clients to enter new markets, transform IT investments, and transition smoothly to new solutions like the cloud.

To learn more about how Minerva™ can help streamline your implementation with CrucialLogics, reach out to our team today.


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