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Written by Amol Joshi
on September 22, 2023

Cybercriminals always seek to breach your company's security systems and gain unauthorized access to sensitive data. To protect your business against these cyber threats, you must invest in a reliable security operations center (SOC). However, building and maintaining an in-house SOC can be costly and complex, so many companies are turning to SOC-as-a-service providers.

A man standing on a screen with neural networks - SOCaaSWhat is a Security Operations Center?

A security operations center is a team or facility that monitors and analyzes an organization's security posture. Its primary function is continually monitoring potential security incidents to help detect, respond and mitigate cyber risks. The team comprises security analysts, threat intelligence experts, and engineers using technology and processes to identify, analyze, and respond to real-time security incidents.

With growing cyberattacks, businesses can no longer rely solely on traditional firewalls and anti-virus software. A SOC is an invaluable tool that enables organizations to proactively identify, investigate, and respond to cyber threats. With a SOC in place, companies can catch security incidents before they become major breaches that can be costly and reputationally damaging.

What is SOC as a Service?

Companies have many options for acquiring a SOC. One of the newest and most innovative options is SOC as a Service (SOCaaS), a subscription-based service offered by security providers to help businesses protect against cyber threats. This service is provided through a subscription model. It uses a SOC (Security Operations Center) team to identify and address suspicious activities, manage security incidents, and ensure that your business data and systems stay secure.

The SOC team receives alerts from various security systems and tools, such as firewalls, antivirus software, IDS/IPS, and SIEM. Security experts then analyze these alerts to determine whether there are any actual threats to your business. If an incident is confirmed, the SOC team immediately investigates and takes the necessary steps to contain and mitigate the impact of the threat. These actions may include blocking malicious traffic, restricting access to specific resources, or shutting down infected systems.

Choosing the right SOC-as-a-service provider is critical to ensuring the success of your security strategy.

What To Expect From Your SOC-As-A-Service Provider

Expertise and Experience

SOC-as-a-Service providers have a team of cybersecurity experts trained and experienced in detecting, preventing, and responding to cybersecurity threats. They have the latest tools and technologies to monitor your systems 24/7/365, which is challenging to obtain in-house. You can leverage their expertise to implement best practices and eliminate gaps in your security posture. Look for a partner that has a team in your country.

Cost Savings

Building and operating an in-house SOC can be expensive and often requires infrastructure, security tools, and hiring extra staff. SOC-as-a-service providers offer flexible pricing models catering to your business needs and budget. By outsourcing your SOC, you can save money on technology procurement and maintenance, staffing costs, and keeping your IT budget under control.


As your company grows, so does your threat exposure. Having an in-house SOC infrastructure means investing in new hardware and software and hiring additional staff to accommodate that growth. Conversely, a SOC-as-a-service provider can rapidly scale up your security operation to meet the needs of your expanding business without burdening you with unnecessary expenses.

Quick Response Times

A SOC-as-a-Service provider maintains a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts who can instantly respond to security threats and escalate issues quickly. They have the tools, skills, and resources to perform incident response activities efficiently. Quick response times can minimize the potential damage of a security breach and reduce the associated downtime and expenses.

Compliance and Regulation

Regulatory compliance is essential for businesses, especially those in highly regulated industries. SOC-as-a-Service providers remain up-to-date with the latest regulatory and compliance requirements and can help ensure your business meets the necessary standards. They continuously monitor IT systems in compliance with recognized standards, helping you avoid financial penalties and reputational damage due to compliance failures.


Protecting your business from cyber threats requires an effective security operation. By partnering with a trusted SOC-as-a-service provider to monitor and protect your IT systems, you create a more robust security posture, enhance your business performance, and improve customer confidence. Don't wait until it's too late, and your business becomes the next victim of cybercriminals. Contact us about our SOC-as-a-Service and stay secure.

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