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Written by Amol Joshi
on December 05, 2019

Today’s enterprises are facing a challenging paradox: How can we encourage growth across the globe while also prioritizing data protection?

Operating across multiple geographic jurisdictions presents a number of security risks when sharing data across borders, each with varying levels of privacy legislation. How do we remain responsible and compliant while also encouraging collaboration between geographic territories?

In order to facilitate a transition to the cloud throughout a global organization, many businesses are stuck managing on-premises data centres. The alternative is to only offer cloud services to a select number of employees. Neither option is desirable, since they both create employee and data silos, draining IT resources and infrastructure spend.

How Multi-Geo Can Help

Microsoft Office 365’s multi-geo capabilities make it easy for companies with global data residency requirements to utilize the platform across the organization. With multi-geo, a single Office 365 tenant can span across multiple data centre geographies and store Office 365 data at rest, per user, according to your chosen location.

For each user, mailbox content and OneDrive uploaded files can be stored at rest in a chosen geo. Now available for Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business, multi-geo will soon be expanded to SharePoint Online and Office 365 Groups.

Here’s Why You Need Multi-Geo

Collaborate Across the World
Enable a unified collaboration and communication experience across your global organization. Migrate from on-premises silos to a single Office 365 tenant, allowing your users to connect to the people and content that matters most, no matter where they work.

Simplify Your IT Management
As you grow and your employees move around, easily move user data to different geos to suit your business needs. Sharing, security, and compliance policies can be tailored separately for each geo, and you can even pull reports on where each user is storing their data.

Control Granular Storage Data
Store each user’s data in the desired Office 365 data geography. Microsoft is committed to providing business continuity, in-geo data residency, and disaster recovery for your core customer data.

Where Can You Get Multi-Geo?
Multi-geo is available across the globe, in datacentres including: Australia, Asia-Pacific, Canada, European Union, India, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, and the United States.

How to Get Started
CrucialLogics can help you to enable multi-geo through a simple 4-step process:

1) Enable Office 365 tenant with multi-geo capabilities
2) Choose and add satellite geos
3) Pick satellite geos for users and move files accordingly
4) Report user locations

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’ve helped hundreds of clients across numerous industries
to accomplish their goals, including sustainable global growth. CIOs and Senior IT professionals look to us to carry out large-scale transitions with minimal interruption and negligible downtime.

If you’re interested in seeing how CrucialLogics can assist your organization in managing global data sharing and collaboration,
give us a call today.

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