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on October 14, 2020

IT Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing the management and maintenance of a range of IT processes and functions. This contract-based service is an alternative to on-demand outsourcing on an as-needed basis and is typically more efficient and cost effective as one company is responsible for maintaining and updating your systems.

Why Companies Choose IT Managed Services

Many small to medium-sized companies don’t have staff that are experienced with new technology or are overwhelmed handling the day-to-day operations of business applications. Hiring an outside company gives you access to a variety of professional IT services without having to invest in an in-house IT staff.

Where Managed Services Goes Wrong

Most managed service providers have a pool of analysts that work with multiple clients. This shared service model can leave resources stretched and overworked, resulting in grey areas, no continuation, and little flexibility, where analysts don’t make extra effort to resolve issues.

How To Know if Your IT Department is in Trouble

In a world where things are constantly changing, if you’re simply maintaining status quo, it’s a sure sign you’ll have problems because there are always areas for adjustments.

If you’re worried about the security of your company or your IT doesn’t have a cutting edge feel to it, then you know you have an issue.

More Trouble From Security Issues

Email security is often a big problem. You want an IT managed services provider that uses tools like advanced threat protection to scan links and attachments. Unused but active email accounts are a security risk and an unnecessary cost.

Having ironclad detection reduces the risk of spyware, the theft of private data, and keeps the network safe and operational for users. Multiple analysts are also a security issue because there’s less control over who has access to your data.

 There Is a Choice

HyperCare is CrucialLogics’ version of Managed Services that offers clients bespoke services which follow the philosophy that Managed Services require intimacy.  This white-glove level of personalized support starts with a dedicated onsite person who intimately gets to know your company so we can consistently improve service and find what's best for your bottom line, while creating a better user experience.

 In addition to a dedicated onsite analyst, HyperCare also gives you monthly reporting that looks at not only the number of tickets, but what kind of tickets and the type of issue that was most prevalent.  

We ensure firewalls are patched and any attacks are investigated. Spam ratios are looked at to determine if your spam filters need to be tightened or certain IP addresses should be blocked. If a user has gotten phished, appropriate proactive action is taken.

A Little More For Those Who Need It

Hypercare+ (Plus) is an additional program where Microsoft Premier Support and Managed compliance can be included. Premier support can cost customers upwards of eighty thousand dollars to purchase and through HyperCare it’s included in our plan.

Managing compliance is always a challenge with ‘big 4’ consulting and the expenses tied to that. Hypercare+ (Plus) removes these expenses and complexities allowing a tool to be implemented to track real-time security maturity and alignment to your security framework.

We work with our partners like Minerva to provide additional services not available from a traditional MST. Minerva allows your organization to be compliant with industry benchmarks from Gartner and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) assessments, while providing current data.  This not only eliminates the need for expensive consulting firms but establishes a framework of continuous improvement.

How to Tell if You Need HyperCare

Looking at the volume compared to the number of users and the types of issues can provide relevant information. For example, if you had 100 employees and only one helpdesk ticket a month, you may have a problem.

Clients who want greater control, thought leadership, consistency, and transparency from their vendor, will find HyperCare is the better overall option.

If any of this sounds familiar, reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can help your organization with Hypercare Managed Services. Or read more via our article or case studies from clients like Architech who have benefited from HyperCare.

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